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38 years of proven success is the reason we are the number one choice for San Diego Property Management

Our property management services include:

Advertising and showing of properties: 

We advertise in all the popular sites and have a proven history of renting properties quickly, obtaining good, qualified tenants and limiting the amount of turnaround time.   We are available to show 7 days a week.

Thorough tenant screening:

We pride ourselves in obtaining good qualified tenants, carefully screening and selecting each one which would account for our proven track record of having only 1 eviction in 15 years.

Collection of rents:

Our tenants usually pay on time, however, should they become late in their rental payment, we serve the proper legal notices in a timely manner and follow up regularly to insure that rent is received.

Maintenance / Renovation Services:

Available to respond 24 hours, 7 days a week, we have both in-house maintenance as well as an extensive list of outside contractors that can handle all of your maintenance and repair needs.  Our crews work fast and proficient, insuring that your property is ready to rent quickly and that your Tenants maintenance needs are taken care of in a timely manner.  Unless it is an emergency, most of our service requests are completed within 24 hours. This insures that your property is being well maintained, but also assists in tenant retention as it is a proven fact that most tenants move because their maintenance requests are ignored and/or are not handled for weeks at a time.

Whether you need to prepare a property for rent, or a total remodel, we are here to assist you.

Regular property inspections: 

We regularly inspect all the properties we manage to insure that there are no maintenance items left unattended and that the tenants are taking good care of the property.  Interior inspections occur every 6 months when we test and service the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and maintenance personnel are trained to report back on the property condition between scheduled inspections as they are servicing the property.

Problem tenants: 

We assist property owners in ridding existing tenants that are posing a problem and/or not paying rent.  Although we pride ourselves in obtaining good, qualified tenants, many times property owners come to us for help when they have a tenant in their property that they need out.  If we can’t convince them to leave on their own, we work with experienced attorneys known in the industry for winning unlawful detainer cases.

Monthly reporting: 

We provide you with monthly profit and loss reports which are easy to read and detail your income and expenses for the month.  We also provide you with a yearly report at the end of the year which you can easily turn over to your tax preparer to assist with calculating your taxes.

Income disbursements: 

We are flexible in disbursing your funds any way you would like to receive them each month.  Whether it is to mail them to you or to directly deposit your funds in your bank account each month, we are dedicated to getting your monies to you in a timely manner.

Join our group of satisfied customers. You will be glad you did! Call now (858) 753-1956.

Voted Best property management company serving San Diego county since 1995. Patti Carroll is a Seasoned, award winning professional property Manager with over 40 years of experience in the sales and management of finer homes and condos throughout San Diego County. Sound investment strategies designed to meet your individual needs. Call now to discover why our clients say we are the Best Property Management in San Diego. 

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